my 19 month old grandson...Sawyer...he a nature boy...loves the outdoors... Posted by Picasa

and a baby bunny who lives under our shed...

the Garden Gate art quilt

still unfinished..I need to put an edging on... Posted by Picasa
I took an online class at QU back in Sept. called "Structured Fabrics" ...
we made 3 pieces of fabric from junk fabric ...
these were my practice pieces...
I have now decided to make an art quilt from them...
it's called "The Garden Gate" ...
there was a LOT of sewing to do on these pieces...

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meander away

two views

this was a really fun project

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more close-ups

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close-ups of meander book pages

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front side view
top view
back view
open viewPosted by Picasa

Summer Garden Meander Book

this is the beginning of my first meander book Posted by Picasa

I started with a canvas like fabric cut into eight 4" squares...painted and than zig-zagged comes the fun part....collage!!!!
I will be using only elements I have in my stash...ummm....

Hoffman Challenge art purse

this is the art purse I made for the hoffman challenge ... it was choosen to travel for exhibition around the US and Canada for the quilt show season should be home sometime late summer ??? Posted by Picasa
a successful day indeed! Posted by Picasa
more wildlife today Posted by Picasa
and here comes another neighbor...he lives in the back wetlands...hey, that's the tortoise and the hare visiting today !!! yes, my yard and gardens are themed...I have the "billy goat gruff" bridge and "wanna-be creek" and the "tea party" garden and my not so secret "secret garden" and fairies and so on...
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results drying Posted by Picasa

drying in the sun

drying in the sun

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visiting wildlife Posted by Picasa
whenever I work outdoors it seems I have visitors..of the wood-sey kind...this guy drops by morning,noon & night...... .