Thoughts on why I have so many un-finished projects

as I was looking over my "stash" of unfinished projects I suddenly realized why I do not complete them!!!!
it is because I know what the end product will be....yep, that's it for me....I LOVE the un-expected and all my un-finished stuff is from patterns or classes!!!!~~~~~that explains why I like art "challenges" so really have no clue how it will turn that makes it brand new and all yours...well I don't know why this surprises me so is how I live my life (or would like to live my life)...I am totally bored with routine and doing what is "expected" I'm always looking for new ways to make a living...I have started many business's over the un-known venues...and as soon as they settle down into a routine so to speak, I'm off to another new venture...I'll never be rich this way but I do have a satisfied soul...and lots of interesting stories and unique people I have met along the way...I consider life an adventure...and am always looking for the next one...

I do enjoy classes & such for various reasons...being with other like minded folks...learning new techniques...experimenting with new products...personalities of the teachers...but I rarely ever finish the class project...but I always learn something from the for me it makes it all worthwhile now with this new insight I no longer feel "guilty" about not finishing these projects....but I'll try anyway.. ...just for the CHALLENGE !!!!
any other thoughts on this???? please leave a comment...

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