EVENING FAIRY post card first in a series

Posted by Picasa a labor intensive post card....handpainted background...machine embroidery fairy (I just love her) and her wings have angelina fibers on them.....yarns needle-felted with embellisher...beaded...organza cards are my new thing...I like them!!!


sue b said...

Wow! nicely done SuZ! She's gorgeous. I can't wait to do a swap with you !

Diane said...

The fairy is a cutie. Are you posting her in the angelina challenge?
Thanks for your comment on my blog. This is funner than I expected!!!
Looking at your photo, I'm reminded that somewhere I have a photo of me holding my sketch and chatting with another design student while my friend is modeling the fabulous outfit I made. I need to dig that out for old time's sake.
We were so hot then!

Helen in the UK said...

Love your fairy card - beautifully done. PCs are great fun - small enough to be easily manageable, but big enough to be able to create something wonderful :)