GREAT MailArt Day !

and 3 more birthday postcards have arrived via mail... from the Fiber Art Friends yahoo group... all treasures!!!

the first one is from Anna N...the fibers are woven through the felted background...a technique that I have never seen before...it's so unique!...I must give it a try...very cool Anna!!!

and this lovely pc is from Terri S....I am a great admirer of Terri's work and now I have a piece of her art for my very own! I love this Terri !!!

Posted by Picasaand the 3rd beauty is from Micki M....felted & stitched...it's awesome! love it!!!!


Micki said...

I am glad you like the card, SuZ. Anna's and Terri's cards are pretty awesome too. You did have a good mail day indeed.

StegArt said...

Wow more great birthday cards. Glad you like the one I sent.

Dianne said...

Who's a lucky girl then!!! They are all really wonderful, and all so different.

Purple Missus said...

As Dianne said, they are all so different and yet all so amazing. Lucky you.

Felicia said...

Fabulous cards.