Tag Challenge - Arty-facts & Monet-ish

I made these tags for a challenge on Carol T's Yahoo group....
I started with a tag shape & glued some fabric paper I made last year to the shape...wrapped it around the tag...than I started to play with embossing powders & built up some texture with Misty Fuse & nettings...all melted together with heat tool...great textures! this was just the backgrounds...than on each tag I added different elements....bits & pieces of Model-Magic air dry clay---Tyvek---hot glue shapes---beads---lots of Lumiere paints...fancy yarns...
I had a great time playing with this....they look so much better in person though...I could not get a picture to capture all the niffy texture & color...oh well...I did use up some stuff I had from experimenting with different techniques from last year...the lesson is ---NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY !!! hahaha.....

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answer to "what's this?"

OK you guys--- you were all VERY close to the figuring out what this technique is....you smarties you....

YES, it's paper---- a scrunched up MAGAZINE page!

Yes, I used embossing powder with a heat tool !

I used a dark color magazine page...scrunched it up & applied it to cardstock that I had run through my xyron machine for a super sticky adhesive...than I brayered it down...than dry brushed a bit of gesso...than took an ink pad to the folds and added some embossing ink and embossing powder & zapped it with a heat tool !!! and that's it !!! it was fast and easy...I found this technique on a yahoo group as a challenge....

I was looking for a simple technique for the presentation of my embellished art squares....so this worked out great...

thanks for playing & leaving your comments....I appreciate you taking the time to do that....

sorry it took so long to get the "answer" up .... but I wanted the art squares to get to their new homes before I posted this....

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what's this????

can anyone guess what this technique is???? it was a challenge in a yahoo group-something I never tried before-well, I love it-these are made for a background for art squares...I'll post the technique later & show the art squares too!!! OK, go ahead & guess now!!!! LOL.....

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MERMAID embroidered fabric journals

a bunch
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a backyard visitor-2007

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more fabric blank journals-FAIRIES

front back

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