Eco- Cloth Shopping Bags

I have a good size stash of old novelty & decorator fabrics...good stuff but out-dated but I can never seem to just get rid of I decided to make some grocery shopping bags with are a few I made this can see in the photo that they are the same size as a brown paper bag or plastic bag from the market....I put a pocket on the outside for keys/ cell phone ect and they are lined....I'm going to make 3 different styles/ brown paper bag seen will be a plastic bag style...the flat one with the flamingos in 1 of the pics is the one I have made so far...and a third will be a simple shoulder type bag of soft cloth for shopping....not made yet ...but hopefully soon...the best part is I'm able to use all this funky fabric that has been just sitting around & taking up space with no real purpose...and now it is being re-cycled/re-purposed/reused !!!!!! I love it !!!!

oh, I made 2 of each fabric will be for gift giving....


Jenny said...

We must be on the same wavelength... I just posted 2 tutorial about fabric bags/totes on my blog yesterday! I just have to make the time to get a-sewing! Nice job-- they are funky and cute! Can I link out to you?-
Jenny at

Phyl said...

SuZ:these bags are a great idea!I used fabric totes for grocery shopping back in the 1970's; now it's on the upswing again;I love your fabrics and the pocket!Thanks for sharing the "how-to-make"!